Individual Consulting Services

There are many reasons why an individual might want or need to consult with a professional chef. 

Sometimes we just want an industry professional to help guide us on a certain topic, or to give us a peek into the ins and outs of what it’s like to do what we do. Maybe you just need a one hour Skype to help you decide if culinary school is right for you. Perhaps you are deciding how to launch your food product and need on-going, weekly Skype meetings for direction and guidance. Or perhaps you are trying to decide which field of the food business you are most interested in pursuing. Or maybe you are wanting to cater a large party yourself and you just want help with menu and staffing logistics. I can help with all of this. 

Below are some of the topics my Clients have sought my consulting services for:

  • "My family is so busy with school, work and sports, it makes having time for cooking difficult. However, having healthy, home cooked dinners is really important to us. We are finding it difficult to get a handle on how to prepare healthy dinners in the limited time we have - especially with all our picky eaters. We can't justify hiring a private chef to come in and do the cooking for us. What we would love  is to have a private chef teach us how to get more organized. We could really use some tips and tricks on how to prep ahead, be more efficient in the kitchen and get a meal plan we can realistically implement."

  • "I am on a very restricted eating program. Athough I know what I can and cannot eat, I want some ideas about how to keep things interesting within my food parameters. I feel like I am eating the same old things, prepared the same way, everyday. I would love some ideas that a professional chef might have to help me meal plan. It would be so helpful to be given some prep ideas and also some fun and easy recipes that stick within my diet."

  • "Cooking really interests me but I am not sure if I want to be a chef or a baker/pastry chef -  how should I decide? Is it really a worthwhile career? Do I need to go to Culinary school?"

  • "I’m  interested in becoming a personal or private chef, but I want to learn more and better understand the intricate differences of both first. Should I be a free agent or get hooked up with an agency, or be an employee? What about travel with the family? How much can I expect to be compensated and what is it like?"

  • "I have a great food product I make for friends and family, and everyone says I should sell it, but I have no idea where to start. How do I know if it’s a worthwhile product that has the potential to make me a good living? Should I moonlight and keep my stable day job, or just go for it?"

  • "I want to start teaching a cooking/baking class, and I am confident in my topic, but I have never taught a group before and want the classes to run smoothly. Where do I start? Is demo or hands on better and what are the differences in dynamics with each style of teaching? What should I charge?"

  • "What about getting on a food T.V. show? How do I do that and what are they looking for? What is it really like? "

  • "How do I market myself or my chef business? I am terrible at social media and it's very overwhelming. I could really use some guidance on how to attract more business."

  • "I am not a professional chef or caterer, but I am a very accomplished home cook. I want to start throwing bigger parties and cater for friends and family for fun. How do you menu plan? What can be made ahead of time? How much food do I make? I just need some professional, “insider” tips and tricks." 

 The above are just some of the topics I can help guide you on as I have experience in every single one! The beauty of my consulting service is that I can meet with you no matter where you are in the world, and you can use my service as little or as much as you need. With my wide range of experience and skill set, I can be a source of information for many different food industry topics. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s meet for a Skype coffee date soon!